Saturday, December 4, 2010

Training - Saturdays equate longer workouts

I have been asked by many of you what my own workouts look like. It depends- how much time I have. I use my weekends wisely and incorporate my longer workouts on those days, with Wednesday also a long workout day.  I incorporate riding or running to the Club to lift, take spinning, or a swim workout. Nice warm up and also great to get additional miles in. 

Today, Saturday December 4th, 2010-
Workout was highlighting intense spinning class and post workout fatigued legs with a couple more miles to run.  That is important as an athlete and trainer, as it allows me to challenge my own body when I would rather walk than run. But as a triathlete you don't want to just walk off the bike, you want to get in your groove and run.

Work out 12/4/10
Run to club- 1.5 mile run
Spin class 1 hour- intense and challenging "hills"

Conditioning Circuit 1-Repeated 3x
Hanging knee raises from squat rack-15x
Reverse pull ups on ground with feet on box-11x
Squats on circle balance board w/18#bar -15x
Bar chest overhead to back-11x

Circuit 2- Repeated 3x
Lunge-fly-arm raise overhead- w/5#wts - across stretching floor
Push ups on Bosu w/bar-
     alternating balance push ups with
      jack push ups or jump push ups-
Balance ball crunch-15x
Balance ball reverse pike-15x
Bosu up downs
      11x each side- follow with Bosu plank  hold for 30 seconds
Speed skater w/5# wts-25x

Circuit #3- did 2x
Plié squat hold with wide overhead fly and chest raise - 15x
      followed with bicep curls-15x
Speed skater w/5# wts - 25x
Bosu speed skater alternating-25x
Wall sit with side lat raise- 15x

Run home- 2.5 miles

Whew- legs are tired and body feels great!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schedule Change for Thanksgiving Week- Workout your Drumsticks on the stairs!!

Hello Power Fitness PDX'ers!

I hope you got some extra activity in this busy and game filled weekend.  If you didn't watch the big game and did squats between each cheer, than I hope you ran stairs in a stadium to get into the football game spirit. Sadly, CAL lost poorly, but at least it was a fun game by all.

As many of you know, Makenzie is back at the hospital. She is at UCSF and will either have 2 or 3 procedures next. Tomorrow she has a big day of a CT scan that decides if she has 1 or 2 surgeries following. Thus, I am quickly at the house but will be back at UCSF tonight through Tuesday.  We discussed the possibility of no class on Monday because of the procedures, and it is true, there won't be class on Monday or Wednesday.  The recovery time for one of the surgeries we know is 5-7 days. 

So, without class Monday and Wednesday(I'll learn about Friday by Wednesday, and per your request Friday will be 7-8am if/when it happens), you will be credited for next Session.  I appreciate your understanding, as this has been quite a journey. 

But, that does not mean you are off scott free!!  When in the hospital I have been doing stairs daily, and running the bleachers and stairs at Kezar Stadium.  I think YOU should be too!  I invite you to do the following stair workout as a team on Monday and Wednesday.  Your emails are not BCC'd this time, which is what I do normally for professional purposes.  The workouts should kick your fanny and you will have a blast!   Remember the keys- check in with each other, shoulders back and down, relaxed knees, hips below shoulders, toes in front of heels.

Stairs Monday- light weights:
Run single step up and down stairwell for 5 minutes
Push Ups 1 Minute
Run double step up and down stairs for 4 minutes
Reverse Lunges 2 Minutes
Run FAST single steps for 3 minutes
Jumping Jacks holding light weights for 3 minutes
Run Double Step FAST and LOW for 2 minutes
5 Pt Lunge Holding Weights with arms raised, elbows out, forming a circle with weights together in front of you 4 Minutes
Single Leg Jump Squats up the stairs for 1 Minute
Speed Skate Holding Weights- 2 Minute/2 Minute Jump Squat/1 Minute Dips - 5 minutes total

30 Squats with Overhead Press- Holding Weights with hands above head, two 90 degree Angles
30 False Starts Holding Weights
30 Tricep Kick Backs

2 Minutes Jump Squat to Top of Stairs
3 Minutes Running up single legs, holding weights at 90 degree angle
4 Minutes Lunging to Top while doing bicep curls - at top 20 jumping jacks with weights

1 Minute single leg stairs

1 Minute Plank
1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Plank with feet alternating toe touches to hands
1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Bicycle
1 Minute 3 count crunches
1 Minute Single Leg Raises (remember to watch back and practice belly breathing)
Stretch and go home!

Wednesday Stair Workout-Light Weights

Warm up jog to corner and back once- warm up in circle - leg swings out and back
Stairs- start with sprint to top 1/10 push ups. Sprint 2x/9 push ups. All the way to sprint 10x/1 push up.
4x- Lunge up stairs double pulse- do 5 reverse jump lunges at bottom
Shoulder press pyramid- 10 rt/lt-10 squat jumps. 9rt/lt-9 squat jumps. Down to 1.
Sprint to top- jog across 2 minutes
4x- Sprint sideways- single leg hops to top-bottom grab band and do 5 PT lunge rotations with pull back.
4x -Spiderman push ups to top of stairs. At top- hold plank 20 Alligator count.
2x- Partner--Single leg reverse lunges/stairs.  partner push ups- upright row.
Abs- frogs- side planks- kissing elbow planks- crunch- bicycle- wonderwoman

You are INCREDIBLE!  You inspire me daily and I know you will work as an incredible team to push each other and challenge each other. Please email me after you are done, and let me know how it goes. I wish you the best Thanksgiving and am thankful to have you as part of Power Fitness PDX!!


Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November Brings ONE Class For YOU

Hello PFPDX'ers!

I hope you are doing well! I can't believe we are at the end of October, with November peeking behind ready to blast off! You made it to the MWF mornings this past month, and I appreciate your understanding the change of classes and logistics. You made a point to blast the stairs, learned how to run efficiently and effectively, pushed your intensity, endured birthday magic class for Dory and Estie, and challenge yourself throughout.  Yes, my tolerance for excuses shifted this past month.  I knew if I was up from being at Children's Hospital to teach class, you surely could get there.  I have used actually my daughter's strength and fierce bravery to pull me through challenging athletic moments this past month.  Some of you shared that she inspired you too.

When thinking about how I knew I may be tired to teach, I thought about how Makenzie would want me to teach and train you. When watching Makenzie challenge her legs to move again, I would think about the stair drills and how you may be tired climbing them the reward of strong legs is worth the effort.  When doing core work throughout class and hearing some moans, I would think about Makenzie's core and how she needed to keep it stronger to help her with the infections inside.  It is interesting how having a child who is fighting for her own strength and little life, makes you a more efficient and effective trainer and individual.  There will be another session this month- MWF.  Until the New year when we have answers and Makenzie is back in school, we will keep the one class, MWF 5:45-6:45 am Women's Only Boot Camp, going. 

As I stated before, YOU helping each other in class and trying hard to reach beyond your comfort zone is integral right now.  YOU working as a TEAM, supporting each other and not letting one another give up, are the lessons I hope you feel not only in class but outside when doing your daily activities. This past week Dory was explaining to MaryAnn about her own running and how it used to be hard but she used the tools we were incorporating in class, and now she can run longer and with more ease.  Hearing Donna share stories about making class in order to make her preschool time more active is what Power Fitness PDX is all about.  Yes, it is a challenge with my own personal family logistics to do class right now, but I know it is a challenge for YOU to get there too.  I am so very proud of you for making a point to focus on your own health and fitness goals.  As we have all learned, and Makenzie is teaching not only me but YOU daily, you have one life. USE IT and make every DAY count!

Session 10: PDX TIme : 11/1-11/ 26* No class on Thanksgiving 11/25
MWF- 5:45-6:45 am
MF- Windsurf Shack, W- Washington Park Stairs

I know many of you are also ready to keep your cardio going and challenge yourself further. ARE YOU READY time for the 3rd annual Holiday Cardio Blast?  ARE YOU ready for the Challenge to start in the New Year? 
Holiday Cardio Blast- November 22th- December 15th     
Challenge the Power of YOU New Years' Fitness Challenge- January 10-March 19th, 2011                
** Additional info to come later this week  **
Have a wonderful Halloween and see you in November!!


Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501

Please take a peak at the new resource dedicated to support rockin' Moms in their efforts to become their fittest selves while juggling work, kids, school, and finding 15 minutes to exercise during all stages of motherhood.

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.- Irish Proverb

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Schedule, NEW Challenge Time, New You!

NEW Schedule, NEW CHALLENGE Time, NEW You!
                               Power Fitness PDX Schedule for October & November

Change brings focus and discipline. I guarantee I will be disciplined to give my mornings to YOU on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and need YOU to guarantee YOU will give me your ALL. No excuses because you have the ability to challenge yourself like no other. Make your mark and know that you will start the holidays engaged, powerful and vibrant.  Make it happen.

October Session:
Power Fitness PDX- Early Morning Boot Camp
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:45-6:45 am
October 4th-October 29th, 2010

November Session:
Power Fitness PDX Early Morning Boot Camp
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:45-6:45 am
November 1-November 26th

The 50+ Boot Camp on TU/TH and the new ARPD- Power Fitness PDX Class on Tu/TH is on hold until we know what the mornings bring when we leave the hospital. Thank you for understanding. 

The Power of You Fall Fitness Challenge will become the
Power of YOU New Year New YOU Challenge!!

I can't be there for you, my dear clients, 120% like I normally am and during the Challenge It is not fair if I have to reschedule your additional training, workshops, etc. With the unknown next couple months, I feel it is not fair to YOU or to my daughter.  I hope you understand. I do encourage you to do the class part of the next few months though.  Many of you have written how registering for the Challenge helped motivate you to get moving, let's work on that momentum and build your base for the NEW YEAR Challenge.  I can credit your funds towards classes and the next Challenge, or reimburse you. Please email me and let me know what you would like to do.

Determination to Live POWERfully & Cheer

Determination to Live POWERfully & Cheer
Eleven days ago my life changed and was turned upside down.  As I shared, my daughter, Makenzie, was rushed to the ER at Children's Hospital. We didn't know we were in for a ride that will challenge us more than any event we have experienced thus far.  Makenzie's battle with Accute Pancreatits has evolved and grown.  Each day has brought new tests, new pokes and prods, and new challenges for us to overcome. Through it all, Makenzie has stayed strong and even got her sense of humor back.  She went from running and playing on the monkey bars full of hope for what 1st grade would bring, to using that energy and hope to keep her body producing strong red blood cells and feel capable of tackling each new test.  We thought we had a gage on what Makenzie's journey would be last week, but it was a teaser.  We've been informed Makenzie has one of the most severe cases of pancreatitus the doctors at Children's Hospital have ever seen, and an additional myriad of other "broken" organs.  She will be in the hospital until Thanksgiving, missing Halloween with her friends and family. 

BUT that does not stop Makenzie, nor our family.  Makenzie has always been a role model to me for living with joy and having fun in the moment. She  has climbed the tallest tree with her buddy Jonah because she was curious, while other kids looked on in awe. She rides her bike in a snazzy outfit singing along the way LOUDLY, without a care if her notes are on cue. She taught her 2 1/2 year old sister to do cannonballs with the biggest splashes possible, and then do sommersaults underwater to have the water tickle as it goes up their noses.  She has cheered me on at every race wearing dynamic ensembles yelling, "Go Mommy! Go Mommy!", while clapping her hands as fast as they can. NOW it is my time to CHEER for Makenzie and be with her every step of the way.

Makenzie has many more tests to tackle, feats to overcome and painful times to endure and needs to be her healthiest and most powerful self yet.  After being pricked for a blood drawl again today, Makenzie said to me, "Mommy, I am a big kid and I can do this.  I don't need your help when it hurts, I can do this now". I responded with tears in my eyes, "Makenzie you don't have to be so tough, and are already the bravest 6 year old, let alone woman, that I know.  Let me rub your back and cheer you on. I am honored to."  Makenzie responded with a squeeze to my hand saying "Ok Mommy, but know I am a big girl now. I am brave."  That she is, and I will be brave alongside her every step of the way. 

Thus, I have a new Challenge for YOU.  AS I cheer on Makenzie, I have to change the current schedule for my business (listed below) and you get to train on the additional days on your own. Makenzie and I decided as a team that it was good for me to keep my Power Fitness PDX'ers strong and healthy, so I can be strong and healthy for her.  She can take strength from me, as I give you the tools to become stronger.  She will provide additional inspiration for all of us to reach far within ourselves and give our ALL every workout.  The Fall will truly give you a sense of the POWER within you that you didn't realized existed.  I am even more determined to make each workout more dynamic and challenging, to help motivate you to live each day to the fullest and be your most courageous and dynamic self yet. No excuses, YOU are going to give it.

As I shared before, we have been given the gift of one body.  There are NO EXCUSES, all you have to do is lace your shoes and make it to Power Fitness PDX.  I will cheer you on as I cheer on my child, to become your healthiest self and overcome each new challenge.  Now, tie up your laces and see you at 5:45 am on Monday.  USE your body because YOU CAN!

Let's work together to Challenge the POWER of YOU!

-Erin Kreitz Shirey
Power Fitness PDX CEO, Master Trainer & Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver, Stott Pilates, Nutrition Certified
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda ca 94501  - -
The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.- Irish Proverb  ** Photo is after the Oakland Half Marathon, March 2010 **

New in Home Workout- by my 6 year old- Kicks Booty

250 Jumping Jacks
30 Push Ups
200 Jumping Jacks
40 Push ups- Narrow Grip-tricep push ups
150 Jumping Jacks
50 Push Ups

Pick a line and jump back and forth over it 100x
Do 25 Burpees
Pick a line and jump back and forth over it 75x
Do 30 Burpees
Pick a line and jump back and forth over it 50x
Do 35 Burpees

Get into perfect plank position and hold for 45 seconds
Stay in plank position and bring your right knee to your right elbow, repeating with left knee to left elbow.  Do 20 reps
Perfect Plank for 60 seconds
Plank with knees to elbows for 25 reps each side
Roll to back and do bicycle for 30 counts regular pace
Bicycle for 30 counts fast

Knees to chest, wrap arms around and roll side to side
Rock back and forth and roll up to seated position
Smile, you are all done!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

IMPORTANT- Challenge Date Change- Learning COURAGE!!

Tomorrow was to start the Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge, but the date is to be postponed until next week.  That is not my norm when it comes to classes and my business, but my little girl, Makenzie Christina Shirey, is about to teach all of us a lesson.  The lesson of being strong, courageous and using your body because you can.

Monday, September 20th, my family and I were at the pool playing and laughing.  We were swimming and diving, enjoying the nice warm night and being active.  The week quickly turned on us.  On Thursday, September 23rd, we rushed Makenzie to the ER at Children's Hospital because she had been very sick with the stomach flu for 36 hours.  She is a vibrant, active, dynamic and energetic 6 year old who lost her energy and the flu took over. Sadly, Makenzie is now in ICU and about to teach us a big lesson- the lesson of COURAGE.  Makenzie has been diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis, in addition to many other things. She is in a lot of pain, but barely complaining. She has been the biggest trooper and hugging her stuffed puppy with little winces as they perform test after test.  She has been sweetly holding our hand and staying so strong, while scared and nervous of what is going on around her.  What Makenzie has is very, very rare in children and terminal in any 60 year old with a minor heart condition. But she keeps going on and is fighting like no other.  Thus, she is using her body with fierce determination as it is fighting against her. 

Which makes me think, while Makenzie is using her strong little body as best as she can, what are YOU using your body for?  Are you challenging it daily to make sure your muscles are moving, your blood is flowing and you are a fighting machine?  Are you taking advantage of the beautiful days outside and going on adventures, hiking the hills, walking the beach, running around the island?  Are you planning out your time to make sure you use it wisely? If not, do so because YOU CAN.  If not, do so because YOU HAVE ONE BODY TO WORK FOR YOU.  If not, use your BODY to the best ways possible and don't complain about what it can't do, but CELEBRATE WHAT IT CAN DO! I am making a list(will be uploaded to the blog) of everything YOU DO in class and celebrating what YOU HAVE DONE!  I ask YOU to make a list of what your body CAN DO, and how vibrant YOU FEEL after.  Keep it posted in your house and look at it this week, so you can move when Makenzie is not able to and I am making means to. Do stairs at the park, and know I am doing stairs at the hospital. Do lunges in the kitchen and know I am doing lunges down the hallways of the ICU. Do push ups and dips on a park bench and know I am doing them beside Makenzie's bed.  USE your body because YOU CAN!

With Makenzie in ICU, the Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge is being adjusted to a start date of October 4th. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but family, love and wellness are  the most integral cornerstones to our lives.  I will use this week to adjust to our new reality of life at Children's Hospital for the next month and be ready to CHALLENGE YOU like no other on Monday, October 4th.  There are NO EXCUSES, all you have to do is lace your shoes and make it to Power Fitness PDX classes, Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge workshops, and check ins.  I will lead you through the rest.  I promise to because we all have been given the gift of one body to make as strong, vibrant and as healthy possible. I will do my best to help you reach your health and fitness goals like never before.

Let's work together to Challenge the POWER of YOU!

-Erin Kreitz Shirey, CEO Power Fitness PDX, Master Trainer & Coach

p- 503.703.1269

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Afternoon Slump Blast Workout

15 minutes is all you need to do this:
Run up and down the stairs for 3 minutes (or marching high knees to low knees)
Do walking caterpillars back and forth  20x
Around the World Jumps- Both Directions 10x
Spiderman Climbing Push Ups across your floor (or yard) 10 push ups and repeat opposite direction
Side Plank Push Ups- Slow Counts of 3- Both Sides- 10x
Wide Sumo Squat Jumps- 20x
Run Up and down the stairs for 3 minutes FAST
Bicycles on Back- 20x
Reverse Crunch - 20x
Long stretch laying on the ground- extending arms and legs as far as they can go are now complete and I am off to get my eldest at school....

Power of YOU Fall Fitness CHALLENGE - One Week Away!!!

Having done an annual fitness challenge in Winter-Spring, I decided it was good to do one in the Fall and help women get their routines set before the hustle and craziness of the holidays. By the time it is Holiday Season, Challenge Participants will have changed habits, lost inches, and become their healthiest selves yet!!  Join them on this incredible journey, or share with a friend who has been asking for the motivator to kick start her into gear.  It will be a Challenge like no other!

Power Fitness PDX Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge
            … A Bit of POWER for all uber women!
                       Monday, Sept. 27th- Friday, Dec. 3rd 2010

KIDS are back in school and it’s time to take care of YOU! Fall Fitness Challenge matches you up with a fitness buddy and puts you through an intense fitness/health/ wellness challenge.  

CHANGE your life
BECOME your strongest and healthiest self YET
LOSE weight, inches, and unhealthy habits          

Incorporates $1475 in Services for only $700!! -  
Special through September 24th to save $75- $625 for ENTIRE CHALLENGE!!!! 
10 weeks of Power Fitness PDX 3x/week , 4 bonus classes for, 3 nutrition/fitness/ wellness/time WORKSHOPS, 4 Hours to PASS –personal assistant to life , 2x 30 minute 1:1 Personal Training Session, Pre & Post Challenge Measurements  & MUCH MORE!!!



One lucky Mom can WIN THE ENTIRE CHALLENGE! Share why YOU deserve the Challenge and be honored with a scholarship!!
Send all letters by September 24TH to:  or  PO Box 1077, Alameda CA 94501

About Erin Kreitz Shirey-                                   
Power Fitness PDX CEO/Lead Trainer & Coach
A born and raised Alamedian, Erin’s focus is to help develop a client’s self esteem through athletics and truly look at exercise as a WAY of life. She inspires others to challenge AND reach their goals. When not teaching or chasing her 2 kidlets, Erin writes about health/fitness/ family and has been a contributing Editor for Better TV. She has BS in Kinesiology, ACE, NASM, Stott Pilates Mat, Fit to Deliver and Sports Nutrition Certified.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun part of being a girl


You have done an incredible job in the Blast Classes, the beginning of Session 8, and those who 
haven't made it we miss you! We have been running stairs, jumping, 
pushing ourselves and going nonstop for 65 minutes! But one thing that 
some of you have asked me, as well as other PFPDX'ers before, is how 
to strengthen your pelvic floor and help lighten the Piddle Party.

I know, it is not fun to talk about for some, but it needs to be 
talked about in order to make exercise FUN and COMFORTABLE! If you
ever have a question, concern or wish on how to help strengthen your
pelvic floor, please do not hesitate to ask me.  Some tips you can do daily:

- When working, do 10 Kegals every hour on the hour
- 4x/week, do inverted toe squats and hold the lower position for a 5-count
- Do balance work: stand on a disk, rolled towel, BOSU ball

Think of your pelvic floor like any other muscle group and do the exercises 4x/week.
I am thinking about doing a 45-60 minute workshop on the pelvic floor and how to
strengthen it on a Saturday morning. Please email me with interest.

I look forward to seeing you in the morning, and remember, practice your
Special K's!


Erin Kreitz Shirey
Power Fitness PDX- Owner, Master Trainer & Coach

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cleaning break

Did you realize that part of the "overwhelm" feeling you have with not getting things done is because you have to first sit down and CLEAN things out? Everyone should take time to truly analyze their lives to see what works and doesn't work for them.  What is it that is holding you back and if it is, clean it out and purge whatever is hindering you from reaching your goals?  As harsh as this sounds, it goes for some tough friendships too.

I have a client who is doing INCREDIBLE and losing weight, looking stronger, and most importantly feeling better about herself and her place in the world.  It has taken a lot of time to get to this point, and she worked very hard to get there. After working on her diet to make it cleaner, her home to feel more organized so she felt less stressed and her routines to feel clean as well and not full of wasted time...she still had something holding her back.

We realized that it was a co-worker who started becoming unkind as my client was getting more successful in reaching her health and fitness goals. The co-worker was putting her own negativity and energy onto my client, and my client was taking it in.  This is when we decided she had to CLEAN out her time spent with people who don't make her feel good. There is no sense of obligation to be around an acquaintance or friend who doesn't make you feel good about yourself and may offset your nerves to overeat, not exercise or take good care of yourself.  You owe it to yourself to share with the person why their words hurt and how they make you feel. That is the difficult piece since it is a hard thing to do.  But you need to treat yourself with the same respect you treat others, and own your own time. 

I ask you to take a few minutes. Write down where you are with reaching your health, fitness and life goals. Write down where you feel you need help and what is holding you back.  Write down HOW you visualize yourself mentally and physically once you have reached your goals. Look at the goals you have in the different columns, and map out a game plan to make the changes with specific dates attached to the changes.  Now take the time to CLEAN out your life and make those goals happen. 

** The next Power Fitness PDX Workshop is  on Tuesday, September 14th, 7-8:30 pm, at Shay's Cafe.  Titled " Balancing Work, Motherhood and Your Running Shoes". Register for your space at

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Time is the one thing in life we never get back. We don't get back moments to do-over, memories to change, events at certain ages to achieve, or the ability to speak words to others at defining moments. Time is the one bit of life that keeps going along, even if everything else may seem stagnant. The question is what are YOU doing with your time? Are you growing and evolving daily? Are you telling everyone you love that you adore and love them more and more each week? Are you being kind to your body and giving it the guidance, kindness, strength, water, movement and nurturing it needs?

If not, DON'T LOOK BACK. Start NOW, this instant, to make every second of your time count.  It does NOT matter what you did earlier today, last week or when you were uber athletic in high school and on the State Team.  The time that matters is right NOW.  Use it wisely, effectively, efficiently, nurturing, and with respect.  Do the same with yourself too- be wise, effective, efficient, nurture and respectful of who you are, how you feel, and whom you desire to become.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge...a bit of Mom Power for all uber-Women

    Power Fitness PDX- 
    Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge...
    A bit of Mom Power for all uber-Women
     Monday, September 27th - Friday, December 3rd- 2010

The kids are back in school and it is time to take care of YOU! Fall Fitness Challenge matches you up with a fitness buddy and puts you through an intense fitness/health/ wellness challenge.  You will be challenged to change your life to become your strongest and healthiest self YET, starting the holiday season and New Years off right! The goal is to transform your overall health and wellness to kick off the New Year full speed feeling incredible from the inside out.

The Power of YOU Fall Fitness Challenge incorporates:       
10 weeks of Power Fitness PDX 3x/week - $475
       ** Class options – M/W/F 5:45 am or 50+ M/Tu/Th 8:45 am**
4 bonus classes incorporated to 4 weeks just for Challenge participants -$80
3 Workshops on balancing nutrition/fitness/wellness/time-$150
4 Hours to PASS – Your personal assistant to life -$160
2x 30 minute 1:1 Sessions with Trainer Erin Kreitz Shirey $150
Pre & Post Challenge Measurements - $40
3 AT Home workouts -$50
3 Training Runs for a 5K Run Walk in November - $45
Power Fitness PDX Workout Tank Top - $25
Support and goodies from many businesses to help you keep healthy and fit throughout the Challenge
Final Celebration Night with Prizes for Every Challenge Participant-
        $300+ value
Value of services $1475

The Mama who loses the most body fat and reaches her personal life and fitness goals receives a new workout outfit from Born Fit, Dress, Haircut/color, Make Up Session, 4 Hours from PASS, 4 Hours of design time from Ignition Architecture, Massage, Mani/Pedi, Cooking Lesson, and much more.
                      Awards night is Thursday, December 9th, Shay’s Cafe

One lucky Mom can write in and share why she is the deserving Mom for the Challenge and will be honored with a scholarship for the entire program. Send all letters to:  or   PO Box 1077, Alameda CA 94501

         RSVP ASAP!  Limited to 20 participants.   Price for entire Challenge: $700
         Payment can be made in 2 payments. Must pay 50% to reserve your space.
Thanks to supporting busineses: PASS, Shay’s Café, BornFit, Smart Water, Flex Power, Salon One, Lilac, Ignition Architecture, Daisy’s, Mary Kay, Run Like A Mother, Sumbody, Herbs & Spices Catering, Power Fitness PDX, Tuckers, and many more

***In addition to classes, Power Fitness PDX CEO/Master Trainer and Coach provides health, fitness, and wellness workshops and events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Erin’s focus is to help women (and men) develop their self-esteem through athletics and truly look at exercise as a way of life. When not chasing after her two little girls or teaching, Erin writes for many athletic and family publications.  She has a BS in Kinesiology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates, Sports Nutrition and Fit to Deliver Pre and Postnatal Certified trainer.  and 

Make your Fall COUNT & let Power Fitness PDX
Challenge the Power of YOU!   503.703.1269  
PO Box 1077- Alameda CA 94501

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Possible

Was thinking about when I worked at Pallotta Teamworks and the phrase "impossible" was traded to "I'm Possible". Then I read a quote in Run Like a Mother that made me smile "Hard things take time to do. Impossible things take a little longer". Now go kick ars and TRAIN/RUN/PLAY HARD!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lunch Time STAIRS

You have had a busy work day, but are trying so hard to fit in some exercise.  There are many things you can do at work, and start with this stair workout.  You can start incorporating it during lunch breaks or 10 minute breaks on the hour.

Lunch Break (or can be split to mini break blasts throughout the day)
Quick 30 minute blast- eat lunch at the desk after doing this workout

Find a stairwell in the office/park.
Run up and down stairs 5x

Do 1 minute of sumo jumping jacks
Sprint up and down stairs 5x, doing set of 15 push ups at the bottom of each time

Do lunges up stairs, extending every other step Repeat 2x
At Bottom Step, do set of 20 dips, holding in Flexion/lowered position for 3 counts each rep.

Hop Squat up steps, jumping each step & landing in squat position- Repeat 2x
Sprint up steps, single step, 3x

Hold plank  on bottom step for 1 minute (or max). Repeat 3x

You kicked some BOOTY and your's will be kickin' too! Way to go, keep it up, and incporate the stairs 2-3x/week for the next 8 weeks.  Guranateed a stronger and tighter tush.

Cheers to Challenging the Power of YOU-


Monday, July 5, 2010

Rockin The System ...

"I was elected by the women of Ireland, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system."
- Mary Robinson, Irish President (b. 1944)

I am Irish and growing up was told that St. Patrick's Day was MY holiday. As a kid, I took that to be true. My siblings didn't have flags saying "Tyler go Bragh" or "Robbie go Bragh". But I did. Everywhere on St. Patrick's Day I would tell anyone who would listen the holiday was MY special day and share the saying of "Erin Go Bragh". Of course I found out later, it was my Mom letting me feel I was special, but that my siblings were Irish just like me. Regardless, I identified with the Emerald Isle and the strong women who I am honored to call my ancestors. One such women is my Grandmother, Roberta S. Cole.

M and GigiGrandmother, Grammer and now Gigi as she is called by my girls, has been my inspiration growing up. She was an athletic female during a time when women weren't running. Grammer has a fire in her that matches her red (now white) hair. She raised my Mom and her siblings to be strong willed and independent. Thank goodness, they all passed those traits to my siblings, cousins and me. Grammer taught me to go after my goals, regardless of what anyone would think. She didn't just preach it, but practiced it. She traveled the world to New Guinea, Kenya, Holland and Dublin teaching others how to write and produce videos, information learned from her time as a tv producer in San Francisco. That occurred during her late 60's!

Grammer was also one of the first female marathoners. When she did the San Francisco Marathon, I remember being strapped into the bike trailer as my Dad pulled us around to cheer her on. SHE INSPIRED ME TO NEVER STOP AND JUST GO FOR IT!

When I did my first triathlon at 16, I made sure to talk with Grammer all about training. She let me use her Bob Jackson bike for the bike portion and I felt like I had some of her strength with me. I placed and excitedly called her. Later that summer, Grammer and I ran a 5K race together. She was 70 years old and a force to be reckoned with. We both won our age groups, and shared in a memory that forever holds a place dear to my heart. Mom captured a photo of Grammer and me with our medals around our neck, and I cherish it because for me it symbolizes to keep going and never give up.

That headstrong determination and athleticism is still G and Emaking waves with whatever Grammer does. Living in Seattle now, Grammer did a race two years ago using her walker. The police were trailing behind her, since she was one of the last participants. Grammer told them "Please get off my tail boys. I WILL FINISH THIS RACE". This past year, she has fallen a few times. Part of the reason, her stubborn pride. A few months ago Grammer was in a room doing Physical Therapy for a stroke and there was a chair in front of her walker prohibiting her from moving where she wanted to go. Instead of asking for help, she stood up, picked up the walker and moved it to the other side of the chair. It may drive my Mom and her siblings mad, but it actually makes me a bit proud that she is so independent. And people are curious where I get my determination from...

While I think about the luck of the Irish and the joyful glee felt by many during this month, I have to thank my stars I am a granddaughter to a stubborn red headed Irish women. If her enthusiasm and determination has been passed to me, I feel lucky. The fact her short stature and speedy legs have traveled through the gene pool to me let's me know I am blessed. So, in the realm of Irish traditions I raise a pint and toast you strong incredible women, and your children who look up to you every day to great strength and pride.

"Slainte" - To your health
Erin and kiddos green
- Erin Kreitz Shirey, CEO Power Fitness PDX, Master Trainer & Coach
*** I wrote this St. Patrick's Day 2009 and it motivated many of all ages and abilities to move their bodies. Even if you are not Irish, pretend you are like Gigi- a stubborn and  strong red-headed woman still making her way everywhere. Keep the fitness goals flowing!

Some favorites ---

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.
-Mia Hamm

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander Time, for that’s the stuff Life is made of.
-Benjamin Franklin

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 28, 2010

If a 6 year old can overcome a fitness fear, why can't you?

Sometimes as an adult we have big challenges we try to overcome, but we let fear get the best of us. In health and fitness we worry we won't be able to keep up with everyone, we aren't good enough for boot camps, we will be the slowest one to complete the challenge, or just plain and simple that "we can't do it." YET, we support our friends, family members and children with encouragement and guidance to overcome fear and acknowledge how incredible he/she is.  We try with compassion to help those we love feel supported in whatever their challenges are, knowing they have great potential. Why do we not do the same with ourselves?

On Thursday, my oldest daughter, Makenzie, started a new gymnastics class. She loves gymnastics, but hasn't participated in a class for 2 years and didn't know anyone else at the new location.  She excitedly talked on the way to class, yet was white as a sheet when it was time to begin.  After the first warm up exercise she looked at me with eyes welled up with tears.  She continued on and was participating, but not to the ability she'd displayed before, and would cross her arms in between each exercise looking rather uncomfortable. During this time I gave her silent praise from across the room with smiles and thumbs up. Yet all the while I knew she wanted me to say "It's ok M, come sit down and watch instead". She continued with cartwheels and I tried to let her see I was proud of her despite the apple swelling in my throat.  At one point she did come over and I told her she had to try the one class and then we could watch next week. But just try because she has it in her to succeed and have fun in the class.

Then the class went to the uneven bars and trampoline. At that point, I wasn't sure if I wanted to quickly give her a hug and say she could go home, or follow through with my "one class" decision.  For what seems like a perfect time, E was asleep in my arms and I was cradling her so I couldn't maneuver to see M participating....but I could hear her! I heard her laughing and the instructor giving her praise. I heard another belly laugh with an essence of joy in it.  Then they came back to the main room to finish strength training and M missed her time for wall sits. She had to stay on the wall another :45 while the other girls were done. Nerves rose in me and I worried she would collapse of embarrassment and tears...but she didn't. She smiled at the teacher, said "My Mom does these in her classes all the time so I'm good at them", and stayed on.  She looked at me when done with a big grin and asked if she could have a sleepover at gymnastics class.

M overcame her fear in 60 minutes that normally would have her crying with nerves and uncomfort for days. While I did believe she could do the class, to see her realize she could have fun and believe in herself was powerful.  If she can do it at 6 years old, what is stopping YOU from doing it now?  What are you waiting for, your time in NOW.

Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Coach and Trainer
Power Fitness PDX LLC    

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Run or not to run

Sometimes loving running can be a bit of a burden and a curse in one.  If I were to have a day where I could do anything, I would start on an early morning run in the quiet, followed by a trail run in the evening with a picnic in the park. The feeling of sweat dripping down your back, and fire in your legs when your muscles are pounding steps is like no other rush. The runner's high is one that can be described, but not understood until someone experiences it.  I am still on a "high" from the 100th Dipsea Race, and that was 2 weeks ago.

But today I am challenged because I want to run a loooong time, and only have a small window.  That is when people ask "Do I run? Or just wait until tomorrow?". My response always is "RUN". You will feel better and even if you can't do the distance you want, you'll have your body moving and muscles working for you.  Your tasks later in the day will seem more doable and enjoyable. Thus, even if you only have 20 minutes, get out there and RUN!

Now, off to lace up my Mizunos and hit the trails...even if only for 35 minutes instead of an hour...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

IT IS easy to be HEALTHY & GREEN!

As Moms, we MUST lead by example.  Everyone does make a difference and leaves an impression on one another. You may not think it, but the days you decide to drive the .5 miles to pick up one gallon of milk, are the days your child learns it's ok to drive small distances. The nights you excitedly go on an active date night are the nights your friends are encouraged to do the same and learn that riding bikes to the local organic pub create romance like no other...while romancing the earth.

Idea #1 No Car Days-

Upon moving back to California in the New Year, we decided to try life as a "one car" family.  When in Portland I often ran my oldest to school, ran to do errands(including getting groceries)... ran or walked to go everywhere. When it came to wild weather, I would plan the car trips accordingly. IN the Bay Area, it is rather easy to have no-car days.  An umbrella tends to be what's needed and if anything, we all dry after getting a bit rained on.  Currently I have the car 1-2x/week. On those days every drivable activity is crammed in, and if not, I do it the next car day. I have been the one needing to adjust more-so than my husband with logistics, but I really like it. I feel more socially responsible, am teaching my kids how our/their bodies are built to move, and have learned how adding a cushion of time to get places makes you relax a bit when venturing there. 

Thus, if you can, make 1-2 days each week when you don't use the car at all. It creates one less vehicle on the road, and hopefully one more pedestrian or bicyclist on the roads shopping fresh and local. Bike to BART to visit a friend, and enjoy the time on the train reading a book. Slow down a bit and enjoy where you are AT instead of the rush it takes to get there. With driving less, you may find you are able to relax more. It takes the tension of sitting in traffic away since you know that you can't control the means to get there and...your legs will be stronger and sexier as you save the Earth! 

Idea #2 Farmers Markets Fresh Bike RidesYou have read many places that eating fresh and local is incredible for the environment. It is also incredible for your waistline. Plan Farmers Markets Fresh Bike Rides to get produce 1-2x/week. The bike ride to get the groceries allows you to SEE the city you live in. You can also learn from the farmers what are their favorite recipes to use with their farms' produce.  To pay back to the local farms helps keep the fresh cycle going, in addition to getting some of the most nutrient rich food anywhere.  After picking up your produce enjoy the bike ride home planning out what you will make with your items.

Idea #3 Waste Coin Collection
Create a "Waste Jar" in your home.  In many households people have "swear jars" or "bad thought jars". They are jars you put money into when saying a bad word or a bad thought about your self.  The Waste Jar will be used to put money into when you do something new that is good for the earth. It could be to use Freecycle, remember your to-go coffee cup daily for 7 days, or  remembering to bring your shopping bags with you to the grocery store every day for 2 weeks. The money from the jar should be used for a gift to the a tree for your neighborhood, send water purification tablets to Africa, or purchase reusable sandwhich bags for kids at the local homeless shelter. 

All actions you take help make the Earth healthier for future generations.  As Fancy Nancy shared her favorite rule in the book Earth Day is Every Day, " Less than a mile, bike in style". Now dust off your bike, make it fancy and head to the Farmers Market or to work!  

*My tree hugger kiddo above playing in the park on a No Car Day! Fit playtime into errands
makes for a great afternoon.
Email your green active ideas and tips to -

30 Minute Park Workout

This workout can be done with or without your kids.  If you have older kids, have them do the workout with you. If you have a little one, use the jogger which adds an additional challenge to push during the sprints in your workout. 

Jog 3 laps around a park (2 laps if small park)

Shuffle Run for 2 Minutes-
Pick three trees/ tennis court/ your kiddo running with you or in stroller as the center spot. Start at the middle and shuffle to the left, tag the ground in low squat. Shuffle back to the middle, tag ground. Shuffle to the right, tag ground.Repeat.

Hoover Hold and Point - 30 counts
Stay in steady plank and reach forward with your right arm. Return arm and reach with your left. If your child is in front of you tickle them each "reach". Repeat 30 times.

Bicycle -30 counts
Make sure to point your toes with each extension and maintain the size of an "apple" under your chin.

Jog 1 Lap and SPRINT 1 Lap Around the Park

6 Hill/Stairs Repeats-
Find a hill/Stairs and repeat it with the
First 2 reps- 65% intensity
Second 2 reps- 75% intensity
Last 2 reps- SPRINT

20 Mountain Climbers & 20 Boulders
Repeat 3x

Caterpillar - 15 repetitions
Start in standing position and bend over touching toes. Gradually walk hands out to plank position. Perform push up. Walk toes gradually to hands and stand up tall, extending arms overhead. Repeat 15 times.

3 Stair/Hill Repeats
1st- Skipping up Stairwell
2nd- Bum Kicks up Stairs
3rd- SPRINT to TOP!!

Bicycle 30 counts

Plank on Forearms- Max Out
Repeat with rest of 30 seconds in between

Jog 1 Lap Around Park are now done!  Way to go!! 

Quotes to make you think

Some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of oit, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity... 
--- Gilda Radner

Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lead By Example

We are informed from day one of being a Mom, to lead by example.  Our children watch everything we do, and all words we speak.  When looking into our newborn's eyes, we search for that connection to the baby that will forever change your life.  That life we, as Moms, have the love and dedication to make the most dynamic, healthiest, supported, educated, encouraged, and fulfilled as possible.  For me, I have been taught how to be a Mom by the most incredible Mom I know, my own. 
My daughter, Makenzie,  and I post Oakland Half Marathon- placed 2nd in Age Group. She was a huge cheerleader!

                                                                 Mom and my youngest, Emerson, smiling away
During a time when many people were not into yoga, my Mom, Tina, was. She met with her girlfriend, Lois, and had the Dads watch the 6 of us kids while they took evening classes.  I remember as a kid waving "bye bye" to Mom as she was dressed in her hip yoga gear.  I still do as she hits her yoga class weekly.  Mom was ahead of her times in bike- commuting.  My sister, brother and I were ridden around Alameda in the big bike "buggy" and didn't know any different.  Mom rode to do all errands and made it fun, singing songs and stopping at the beach to play along the way.  She taught us that    being active was part of what people do, just like eating and sleeping.  If we were at the swimming pool, Mom was the Mom in the water playing mermaid games with us. She would throw the dive rings for us to find, and have under water tea parties while some of the other Moms sat on the pool side talking. Mom was active with an effort because she could be, that taught us exercise was invaluable to a healthy lifestyle.  She has an energy and youthfulness that has always been known by her friends and anyone she meets(wonder where I got mine), and isn't afraid to laugh at herself.  Mom led us to believe life is to short to not have fun, and to believe in yourself when doing so. 

Believing in yourself is a value where Mom has outdone It wasn't only sports that had Mom Mom encouraged us to try everything we set our heart to, be it gymnastics, swimming, tennis, soccer, theater, or art.  Mom just wanted us to "try" and go for it.  

5.7.10- Post Power Fitness PDX's Annual Mother's Day Boot Camp Class- Nothing like coaching to honor my own MOM!
Now, as a MOM, I do the same.  It's funny because I feel like my Mom often, and when some people say "You make me think so much of your Mom" I take it as the biggest compliment.  When riding my bike with the girls in the Burley to go swimming, I have visions of remembering Mom pulling us over the Bay Farm Bridge to the Harbor Bay Club to do the same.  As I am doing cartwheels and swinging on the Monkey Bars with Emerson and Makenzie mimicking me I think that they will hopefully feel the same about me teaching them to be active and goofy Moms too.  I am grateful daily for the impressions she continues to leave on me, and hope I can do the same for my girls too.