Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lead By Example

We are informed from day one of being a Mom, to lead by example.  Our children watch everything we do, and all words we speak.  When looking into our newborn's eyes, we search for that connection to the baby that will forever change your life.  That life we, as Moms, have the love and dedication to make the most dynamic, healthiest, supported, educated, encouraged, and fulfilled as possible.  For me, I have been taught how to be a Mom by the most incredible Mom I know, my own. 
My daughter, Makenzie,  and I post Oakland Half Marathon- placed 2nd in Age Group. She was a huge cheerleader!

                                                                 Mom and my youngest, Emerson, smiling away
During a time when many people were not into yoga, my Mom, Tina, was. She met with her girlfriend, Lois, and had the Dads watch the 6 of us kids while they took evening classes.  I remember as a kid waving "bye bye" to Mom as she was dressed in her hip yoga gear.  I still do as she hits her yoga class weekly.  Mom was ahead of her times in bike- commuting.  My sister, brother and I were ridden around Alameda in the big bike "buggy" and didn't know any different.  Mom rode to do all errands and made it fun, singing songs and stopping at the beach to play along the way.  She taught us that    being active was part of what people do, just like eating and sleeping.  If we were at the swimming pool, Mom was the Mom in the water playing mermaid games with us. She would throw the dive rings for us to find, and have under water tea parties while some of the other Moms sat on the pool side talking. Mom was active with an effort because she could be, that taught us exercise was invaluable to a healthy lifestyle.  She has an energy and youthfulness that has always been known by her friends and anyone she meets(wonder where I got mine), and isn't afraid to laugh at herself.  Mom led us to believe life is to short to not have fun, and to believe in yourself when doing so. 

Believing in yourself is a value where Mom has outdone It wasn't only sports that had Mom Mom encouraged us to try everything we set our heart to, be it gymnastics, swimming, tennis, soccer, theater, or art.  Mom just wanted us to "try" and go for it.  

5.7.10- Post Power Fitness PDX's Annual Mother's Day Boot Camp Class- Nothing like coaching to honor my own MOM!
Now, as a MOM, I do the same.  It's funny because I feel like my Mom often, and when some people say "You make me think so much of your Mom" I take it as the biggest compliment.  When riding my bike with the girls in the Burley to go swimming, I have visions of remembering Mom pulling us over the Bay Farm Bridge to the Harbor Bay Club to do the same.  As I am doing cartwheels and swinging on the Monkey Bars with Emerson and Makenzie mimicking me I think that they will hopefully feel the same about me teaching them to be active and goofy Moms too.  I am grateful daily for the impressions she continues to leave on me, and hope I can do the same for my girls too. 

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