Sunday, June 20, 2010

IT IS easy to be HEALTHY & GREEN!

As Moms, we MUST lead by example.  Everyone does make a difference and leaves an impression on one another. You may not think it, but the days you decide to drive the .5 miles to pick up one gallon of milk, are the days your child learns it's ok to drive small distances. The nights you excitedly go on an active date night are the nights your friends are encouraged to do the same and learn that riding bikes to the local organic pub create romance like no other...while romancing the earth.

Idea #1 No Car Days-

Upon moving back to California in the New Year, we decided to try life as a "one car" family.  When in Portland I often ran my oldest to school, ran to do errands(including getting groceries)... ran or walked to go everywhere. When it came to wild weather, I would plan the car trips accordingly. IN the Bay Area, it is rather easy to have no-car days.  An umbrella tends to be what's needed and if anything, we all dry after getting a bit rained on.  Currently I have the car 1-2x/week. On those days every drivable activity is crammed in, and if not, I do it the next car day. I have been the one needing to adjust more-so than my husband with logistics, but I really like it. I feel more socially responsible, am teaching my kids how our/their bodies are built to move, and have learned how adding a cushion of time to get places makes you relax a bit when venturing there. 

Thus, if you can, make 1-2 days each week when you don't use the car at all. It creates one less vehicle on the road, and hopefully one more pedestrian or bicyclist on the roads shopping fresh and local. Bike to BART to visit a friend, and enjoy the time on the train reading a book. Slow down a bit and enjoy where you are AT instead of the rush it takes to get there. With driving less, you may find you are able to relax more. It takes the tension of sitting in traffic away since you know that you can't control the means to get there and...your legs will be stronger and sexier as you save the Earth! 

Idea #2 Farmers Markets Fresh Bike RidesYou have read many places that eating fresh and local is incredible for the environment. It is also incredible for your waistline. Plan Farmers Markets Fresh Bike Rides to get produce 1-2x/week. The bike ride to get the groceries allows you to SEE the city you live in. You can also learn from the farmers what are their favorite recipes to use with their farms' produce.  To pay back to the local farms helps keep the fresh cycle going, in addition to getting some of the most nutrient rich food anywhere.  After picking up your produce enjoy the bike ride home planning out what you will make with your items.

Idea #3 Waste Coin Collection
Create a "Waste Jar" in your home.  In many households people have "swear jars" or "bad thought jars". They are jars you put money into when saying a bad word or a bad thought about your self.  The Waste Jar will be used to put money into when you do something new that is good for the earth. It could be to use Freecycle, remember your to-go coffee cup daily for 7 days, or  remembering to bring your shopping bags with you to the grocery store every day for 2 weeks. The money from the jar should be used for a gift to the a tree for your neighborhood, send water purification tablets to Africa, or purchase reusable sandwhich bags for kids at the local homeless shelter. 

All actions you take help make the Earth healthier for future generations.  As Fancy Nancy shared her favorite rule in the book Earth Day is Every Day, " Less than a mile, bike in style". Now dust off your bike, make it fancy and head to the Farmers Market or to work!  

*My tree hugger kiddo above playing in the park on a No Car Day! Fit playtime into errands
makes for a great afternoon.
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