Saturday, June 26, 2010

Run or not to run

Sometimes loving running can be a bit of a burden and a curse in one.  If I were to have a day where I could do anything, I would start on an early morning run in the quiet, followed by a trail run in the evening with a picnic in the park. The feeling of sweat dripping down your back, and fire in your legs when your muscles are pounding steps is like no other rush. The runner's high is one that can be described, but not understood until someone experiences it.  I am still on a "high" from the 100th Dipsea Race, and that was 2 weeks ago.

But today I am challenged because I want to run a loooong time, and only have a small window.  That is when people ask "Do I run? Or just wait until tomorrow?". My response always is "RUN". You will feel better and even if you can't do the distance you want, you'll have your body moving and muscles working for you.  Your tasks later in the day will seem more doable and enjoyable. Thus, even if you only have 20 minutes, get out there and RUN!

Now, off to lace up my Mizunos and hit the trails...even if only for 35 minutes instead of an hour...

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