Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schedule Change for Thanksgiving Week- Workout your Drumsticks on the stairs!!

Hello Power Fitness PDX'ers!

I hope you got some extra activity in this busy and game filled weekend.  If you didn't watch the big game and did squats between each cheer, than I hope you ran stairs in a stadium to get into the football game spirit. Sadly, CAL lost poorly, but at least it was a fun game by all.

As many of you know, Makenzie is back at the hospital. She is at UCSF and will either have 2 or 3 procedures next. Tomorrow she has a big day of a CT scan that decides if she has 1 or 2 surgeries following. Thus, I am quickly at the house but will be back at UCSF tonight through Tuesday.  We discussed the possibility of no class on Monday because of the procedures, and it is true, there won't be class on Monday or Wednesday.  The recovery time for one of the surgeries we know is 5-7 days. 

So, without class Monday and Wednesday(I'll learn about Friday by Wednesday, and per your request Friday will be 7-8am if/when it happens), you will be credited for next Session.  I appreciate your understanding, as this has been quite a journey. 

But, that does not mean you are off scott free!!  When in the hospital I have been doing stairs daily, and running the bleachers and stairs at Kezar Stadium.  I think YOU should be too!  I invite you to do the following stair workout as a team on Monday and Wednesday.  Your emails are not BCC'd this time, which is what I do normally for professional purposes.  The workouts should kick your fanny and you will have a blast!   Remember the keys- check in with each other, shoulders back and down, relaxed knees, hips below shoulders, toes in front of heels.

Stairs Monday- light weights:
Run single step up and down stairwell for 5 minutes
Push Ups 1 Minute
Run double step up and down stairs for 4 minutes
Reverse Lunges 2 Minutes
Run FAST single steps for 3 minutes
Jumping Jacks holding light weights for 3 minutes
Run Double Step FAST and LOW for 2 minutes
5 Pt Lunge Holding Weights with arms raised, elbows out, forming a circle with weights together in front of you 4 Minutes
Single Leg Jump Squats up the stairs for 1 Minute
Speed Skate Holding Weights- 2 Minute/2 Minute Jump Squat/1 Minute Dips - 5 minutes total

30 Squats with Overhead Press- Holding Weights with hands above head, two 90 degree Angles
30 False Starts Holding Weights
30 Tricep Kick Backs

2 Minutes Jump Squat to Top of Stairs
3 Minutes Running up single legs, holding weights at 90 degree angle
4 Minutes Lunging to Top while doing bicep curls - at top 20 jumping jacks with weights

1 Minute single leg stairs

1 Minute Plank
1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Plank with feet alternating toe touches to hands
1 Minute single leg stairs
1 Minute Bicycle
1 Minute 3 count crunches
1 Minute Single Leg Raises (remember to watch back and practice belly breathing)
Stretch and go home!

Wednesday Stair Workout-Light Weights

Warm up jog to corner and back once- warm up in circle - leg swings out and back
Stairs- start with sprint to top 1/10 push ups. Sprint 2x/9 push ups. All the way to sprint 10x/1 push up.
4x- Lunge up stairs double pulse- do 5 reverse jump lunges at bottom
Shoulder press pyramid- 10 rt/lt-10 squat jumps. 9rt/lt-9 squat jumps. Down to 1.
Sprint to top- jog across 2 minutes
4x- Sprint sideways- single leg hops to top-bottom grab band and do 5 PT lunge rotations with pull back.
4x -Spiderman push ups to top of stairs. At top- hold plank 20 Alligator count.
2x- Partner--Single leg reverse lunges/stairs.  partner push ups- upright row.
Abs- frogs- side planks- kissing elbow planks- crunch- bicycle- wonderwoman

You are INCREDIBLE!  You inspire me daily and I know you will work as an incredible team to push each other and challenge each other. Please email me after you are done, and let me know how it goes. I wish you the best Thanksgiving and am thankful to have you as part of Power Fitness PDX!!


Erin Kreitz Shirey- Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology
ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
c- 503.703.1269
a- po box 1077, alameda, ca 94501

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