Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun part of being a girl


You have done an incredible job in the Blast Classes, the beginning of Session 8, and those who 
haven't made it we miss you! We have been running stairs, jumping, 
pushing ourselves and going nonstop for 65 minutes! But one thing that 
some of you have asked me, as well as other PFPDX'ers before, is how 
to strengthen your pelvic floor and help lighten the Piddle Party.

I know, it is not fun to talk about for some, but it needs to be 
talked about in order to make exercise FUN and COMFORTABLE! If you
ever have a question, concern or wish on how to help strengthen your
pelvic floor, please do not hesitate to ask me.  Some tips you can do daily:

- When working, do 10 Kegals every hour on the hour
- 4x/week, do inverted toe squats and hold the lower position for a 5-count
- Do balance work: stand on a disk, rolled towel, BOSU ball

Think of your pelvic floor like any other muscle group and do the exercises 4x/week.
I am thinking about doing a 45-60 minute workshop on the pelvic floor and how to
strengthen it on a Saturday morning. Please email me with interest.

I look forward to seeing you in the morning, and remember, practice your
Special K's!


Erin Kreitz Shirey
Power Fitness PDX- Owner, Master Trainer & Coach

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