Saturday, December 4, 2010

Training - Saturdays equate longer workouts

I have been asked by many of you what my own workouts look like. It depends- how much time I have. I use my weekends wisely and incorporate my longer workouts on those days, with Wednesday also a long workout day.  I incorporate riding or running to the Club to lift, take spinning, or a swim workout. Nice warm up and also great to get additional miles in. 

Today, Saturday December 4th, 2010-
Workout was highlighting intense spinning class and post workout fatigued legs with a couple more miles to run.  That is important as an athlete and trainer, as it allows me to challenge my own body when I would rather walk than run. But as a triathlete you don't want to just walk off the bike, you want to get in your groove and run.

Work out 12/4/10
Run to club- 1.5 mile run
Spin class 1 hour- intense and challenging "hills"

Conditioning Circuit 1-Repeated 3x
Hanging knee raises from squat rack-15x
Reverse pull ups on ground with feet on box-11x
Squats on circle balance board w/18#bar -15x
Bar chest overhead to back-11x

Circuit 2- Repeated 3x
Lunge-fly-arm raise overhead- w/5#wts - across stretching floor
Push ups on Bosu w/bar-
     alternating balance push ups with
      jack push ups or jump push ups-
Balance ball crunch-15x
Balance ball reverse pike-15x
Bosu up downs
      11x each side- follow with Bosu plank  hold for 30 seconds
Speed skater w/5# wts-25x

Circuit #3- did 2x
PliƩ squat hold with wide overhead fly and chest raise - 15x
      followed with bicep curls-15x
Speed skater w/5# wts - 25x
Bosu speed skater alternating-25x
Wall sit with side lat raise- 15x

Run home- 2.5 miles

Whew- legs are tired and body feels great!

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