Monday, July 12, 2010

Lunch Time STAIRS

You have had a busy work day, but are trying so hard to fit in some exercise.  There are many things you can do at work, and start with this stair workout.  You can start incorporating it during lunch breaks or 10 minute breaks on the hour.

Lunch Break (or can be split to mini break blasts throughout the day)
Quick 30 minute blast- eat lunch at the desk after doing this workout

Find a stairwell in the office/park.
Run up and down stairs 5x

Do 1 minute of sumo jumping jacks
Sprint up and down stairs 5x, doing set of 15 push ups at the bottom of each time

Do lunges up stairs, extending every other step Repeat 2x
At Bottom Step, do set of 20 dips, holding in Flexion/lowered position for 3 counts each rep.

Hop Squat up steps, jumping each step & landing in squat position- Repeat 2x
Sprint up steps, single step, 3x

Hold plank  on bottom step for 1 minute (or max). Repeat 3x

You kicked some BOOTY and your's will be kickin' too! Way to go, keep it up, and incporate the stairs 2-3x/week for the next 8 weeks.  Guranateed a stronger and tighter tush.

Cheers to Challenging the Power of YOU-


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