Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick workout- have fun!!

You are busy, you need an effective workout, you can't think of what to do.  Do the following and you will be dripping with sweat in no time.  Equipment- medicine ball and exercise band

3/2/1 - 3 minute cardio, 2 minute strength, 1 minute abs

Warm up with running in place, jumping jacks, high knees. Rotate all for 1 minute. Repeat 3x.

3 minute low side jumps back and forth
2 minutes ball slams
1 minute side planks on hands

3 minute liners
2 minutes squat/biceps/overhead
1 minute knelling ab- pilates- pull 100

3 minutes  step jump ups
2 minute dips and tricep press with ball
1 minute bicycle

3 minute slalom down line/hallway
2 minute wood choppers
1 minute caterpillar

3 minute grapevine/single leg line jumps/grapevine
2 minute squats with scap squeeze
1 minute med ball rotations/bicycle

3 minute table step ups/bench step ups
2 minute table rows
1 minute crunch on table

Stretch & done

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Power Fitness PDX Power of YOU NEW YEAR-NEW YOU Fitness Challenge!

Power Fitness PDX Power of YOU NEW YEAR-NEW YOU Fitness Challenge... A bit of POWER for all uber-Women

Monday, February 7th - Friday, April 29th 2011
The holidays are over, kids are back in school and it is time to take care of YOU! January is a month to get back in the groove and February is the time to MAKE A STATEMENT!   NEW YEAR-NEW YOU Fitness Challenge matches you up with a fitness buddy and puts you through an intense fitness/health/ wellness challenge.  You will be challenged to change your life to become your strongest and healthiest self YET, starting the New Year off right! The goal is to transform your overall health and wellness to kick off 2011 full speed feeling incredible from the inside out.

The Power of YOU NEW YEAR-NEW YOU Fitness Challenge incorporates:                        
12 weeks of Power Fitness PDX 3x/week - $570
  ** Class options – M/W/F 5:45 am
or 50+ Tu/Th 6:30 am & a 5:45 am option**
4 bonus classes incorporated to 4 weeks just for Challenge participants -$80
3 Workshops on balancing nutrition/fitness/wellness/time-$150
4 Hours to PASS – Your personal assistant to life -$160
1: 30 minute 1:1 Sessions with Trainer Erin Kreitz Shirey $50
Pre & Post Challenge Measurements - $40
3 AT Home workouts -$50
3 Training Runs for a 5K Run Walk in April - $45
Power Fitness PDX Workout Tank Top - $25
Support and goodies from many businesses to help you keep healthy and fit throughout the Challenge
Final Celebration Night with Prizes for Every Challenge Participant-
        $300+ value
Value of services $1470

The women who loses the MOST body fat and reaches her personal life and fitness goals receives a new workout outfit from Born Fit, Dress, Haircut/color from Salon One, Make Up Session, 4 Hours from PASS (Personal Administrative Support Services), 4 Hours of design time from Ignition Architecture, Massage, Mani/Pedi, Cooking Lesson, and much more.
   REGISTER ASAP! Limited to 25 participants.  
Price for entire Challenge: $750
Payment can be made in 2 payments. Must pay 50% to reserve your space.  Register by January  15th and save $50.
Thanks to supporting busineses: PASS, Shay’s CafĂ©, BornFit, Smart Water, Flex Power, Salon One, Lilac, Ignition Architecture, Daisy’s, Mary Kay, Run Like A Mother, Sumbody, Herbs & Spices Catering, Power Fitness PDX, Tuckers, and many more  
One lucky Mom can write and share why she is the deserving Mom for the Challenge and will be honored with a scholarship for the entire program. Send all letters by January 20th, 2011 to: powerfitnesspdx@gmail.com  or  PO Box 1077, Alameda CA 94501

Workshop Dates announced January 15th.                               
** Final Awards with Winners Announced at the 7th Annual Mother's Day Celebration Class!  Friday, May 6th, 2010 9:30 am, Crown Beach, Alameda **