Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Afternoon Slump Blast Workout

15 minutes is all you need to do this:
Run up and down the stairs for 3 minutes (or marching high knees to low knees)
Do walking caterpillars back and forth  20x
Around the World Jumps- Both Directions 10x
Spiderman Climbing Push Ups across your floor (or yard) 10 push ups and repeat opposite direction
Side Plank Push Ups- Slow Counts of 3- Both Sides- 10x
Wide Sumo Squat Jumps- 20x
Run Up and down the stairs for 3 minutes FAST
Bicycles on Back- 20x
Reverse Crunch - 20x
Long stretch laying on the ground- extending arms and legs as far as they can go are now complete and I am off to get my eldest at school....

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