Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Time is the one thing in life we never get back. We don't get back moments to do-over, memories to change, events at certain ages to achieve, or the ability to speak words to others at defining moments. Time is the one bit of life that keeps going along, even if everything else may seem stagnant. The question is what are YOU doing with your time? Are you growing and evolving daily? Are you telling everyone you love that you adore and love them more and more each week? Are you being kind to your body and giving it the guidance, kindness, strength, water, movement and nurturing it needs?

If not, DON'T LOOK BACK. Start NOW, this instant, to make every second of your time count.  It does NOT matter what you did earlier today, last week or when you were uber athletic in high school and on the State Team.  The time that matters is right NOW.  Use it wisely, effectively, efficiently, nurturing, and with respect.  Do the same with yourself too- be wise, effective, efficient, nurture and respectful of who you are, how you feel, and whom you desire to become.

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  1. well said, especially from the mind and experience of someone on the downhill of life.