Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Class On Thursday, May 28th!


There is no class on Thursday, May 28th! Please enjoy the morning to sleep in or go for a run and stair workout on your own.

In good health-

Erin Shirey

Sunday, May 24, 2009

WORK IT Family Style

Memorial Day weekend is here and full of incredible weather! Use this time to workout with your family and try something new-
  • Mt. Tabor Stair Challenge- work the stairs and wear the Ergo or backback with your babe safely inside. If you have older kids, they would get a kick out of the stairs too. Try to hop on one foot, jump up, wide legged climb, or crawl up like a monkey. All are fun for adults and kids. Try to complete 30 minutes of stairs.
  • Leif Erikson Ride & Lunge-A-Thon- head to Leif Erikson trail and bring the bikes! The path is wide enough for kiddos to have space to ride. Hop off every 15 minutes and find a different look out spot. At that point bust out lunges for 2 minutes- kiddos too. They love to lunge, and the on/off with purpose on the bike helps them stay focused and have FUN. Continue on your ride for an hour (if your kiddos allow).
  • Waterfront Walk- the Rose Festival has begun and the sights are around us. Head down to the Waterfront and do the 3 mile loop between the Steel Bridge and Hawthorne Bridge while people watching and pointing out new sights to each other. Play "I Spy" with your toddlers as you push them in the jogger. Try to maintain 3.5-4 mph pace.
  • Parade Through YOUR Hood- first pull out your skateboard, roller blades, bike, pogo stick, and running shoes. Next, plan a 1 mile route in your neighborhood. With your partner decide who will wear/push your munchkin for each lap. Next decide which equipment you will use. Make 4-5 1-mile laps in your neighborhood with returning home in between to change your shoes, gear, etc. You are cross training in your 'hood, while getting to know your neighbors.
  • Free Choice Backyard- Write 15 different activities on index cards. ie: 20 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 2 minutes speed skating, 2 minute wall sit. Put them into a basket and mix them up. In the backyard get set up for your own circuit of fun. Put the basket in the middle, and take turns picking the activities. Continue for 30 minutes.
Have fun and enjoy your exercise time together. What you do today continues to affect and shape your life tomorrow. Rock it!

- Erin Shirey

Friday, May 1, 2009

Do you "stair"

We have been doing Stair Scramble for one month now. Yowzas, one month! It has become lighter each morning, which means the class is growing each week. People have been asking "what the heck is Stair Scramble" and "what makes it different".

For the breakdown of class imagine facing a huge flight of stairs with weights in your hands. At first you think "this is crazy", but you run up one flight, than another 3 flights and get to the top. At that point you quickly drop to the ground and do 20 push ups. You hop up and repeat the cycle 3 times.

Next, you take the weights and do shoulder presses while you are running up the stairs 5 flights. At the top you face a partner and do plank drills together. Hop up, run down half the flight of stairs. Turn around, lunge up the stairs to the top. Repeat 2 times.

At this point of reading, you feel inspired to run up and down the stairs, right?

Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, to get an intense workout before many of your friends wake up.

Stair Scramble
6:00-6:45 am
Mt. Tabor Volcano parking lot

Monday, March 30, 2009

Stair Scramble starts Tomorrow- 6:00 am!

Spring is here and the Stair Scramble is too. Are you ready to work your body and make each morning count? Join Power of YOU Fitness to make your day start right.

When: Tu/Th mornings
Time: 6:00-6:45 am - Class starts promptly at 6:00 am
Where: Mt.Tabor Stairs- meet at the parking lot above the basketball courts, below the playground
Bring: Pair of 3-8 lb weights, water, layers of clothing, and a smile
Cost: $15/class
RSVP by 5:00 am day of class:

Monday, March 23, 2009

One week until the stairs begin! Are you ready and are you excited? Spring is the time to make the stairs become your best friend, and I promise to become your BFF Trainer too.

This week, while you are getting your body ready to move again, get outside every day and move for 45 minutes. Complete the following workout 3 days and do your own workout the other 4 days.

  • 5 minute cardio warm up of jumping rope and jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups/10 burpees/10 pus ups/10 burpees/10 push ups
  • 2 minutes of jumping jacks
  • 1 minute plank hold/15 crab dips/1 minute plank hold/15 crab dips/1 minute plank hold
  • 3 minutes liners, getting faster each minute
  • 2 minutes wall sit, hands raised in front of you
  • 3 minutes liners, getting faster each time
  • 2.5 minutes wall sit
  • 20 bicycles/30 counts mountain climbers/20 bicycles/30 counts mountain climbers
Repeat 2x

Friday, March 13, 2009

Family POWER Workshops

Family POWER Workshops are a jam packed hour of exercise and games for the whole family. A family that exercises inclusively has great benefits for all family members, regardless of age. FPW's combine cardio, strength, games, and balance work utilizing the park and playgrounds.

There are two different options for the wide range of families:
FPW 1- Families with kids aged 3-6 years
FPW 2- Families with kids aged 7-10 years

FPW's are limited to 8 families, allowing for supportive fun and also family challenges. RSVP mandatory.

FPW Dates:
Thursday, April 9th, 4:30-5:30 pm
- RSVP by April 7th
Thursday, April 23rd, 4:30-5:30 pm
- RSVP by April 21st
Thursday, May 7th, 4:30-5;30 pm
- RSVP by May 5th
Thursday, May 21st, 4:30-5;30 pm
- RSVP by May 19th

Cost is $20/family

Thursday, March 12, 2009

WHY CHOOSE Power of YOU Fitness?

"Am I doing everything in my power to make this life the best possible? Am I utilizing my body for what it is capable of, and am I challenging myself to not only reach goals but surpass them? Am I trying to make sure I am not only a role model for my child, but a role model for myself and ALL of those around me? Have I been active for at least ONE HOUR every day? "

Those are questions you should ask yourself every day. They are questions that allow you to realize the POWER OF YOU. Nobody can make your life the best possible, only YOU can. What are you waiting for? With the best possible fitness coaching, training, support, guidance, laughter and dedication you truly can get in incredible shape and make your dreams a reality.

Power of YOU Fitness classes are small group training classes. The classes are focused on YOU doing the work, with the help of a Team. The Power of YOU Fitness difference is that while we focus on YOU, your TEAM helps you get to that next goal.
TEAM- Together EmPOWER Achieve Motivate TM

There is no time like right now. Make every moment count and learn about the POWER OF YOU.

Classes start March 31st!

I can't believe the time has already come to start the STAIR CLASSES. This Winter has flown by and I am one who is certainly ready for Spring. So dust off your running shoes, get out your weather proof jacket and join the first Spring Power of YOU Fitness, Inc. STAIR SCRAMBLE.

What is STAIR SCRAMBLE you ask?
It is 45 minutes dedicated to yourself to make a change you have been eager to do. The 45 minutes is dedicated to strengthening your body through intense stair workouts first thing in the morning. In addition to intense cardio exercise, the class combines core, agility, and strength work.

Class is capped at 12 participants. $15/class. RSVP ASAP. Bring 3-8 pound weights with you.