Friday, May 1, 2009

Do you "stair"

We have been doing Stair Scramble for one month now. Yowzas, one month! It has become lighter each morning, which means the class is growing each week. People have been asking "what the heck is Stair Scramble" and "what makes it different".

For the breakdown of class imagine facing a huge flight of stairs with weights in your hands. At first you think "this is crazy", but you run up one flight, than another 3 flights and get to the top. At that point you quickly drop to the ground and do 20 push ups. You hop up and repeat the cycle 3 times.

Next, you take the weights and do shoulder presses while you are running up the stairs 5 flights. At the top you face a partner and do plank drills together. Hop up, run down half the flight of stairs. Turn around, lunge up the stairs to the top. Repeat 2 times.

At this point of reading, you feel inspired to run up and down the stairs, right?

Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, to get an intense workout before many of your friends wake up.

Stair Scramble
6:00-6:45 am
Mt. Tabor Volcano parking lot

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