Thursday, March 24, 2011


Each day we are faced with how we want to see what is in front of us. We can wake up bummed that it is raining again, or we can be excited to go puddle jumping on the way to work.  We have the power to CHANGE the way we view life, and NOBODY can take that away.  This also goes hand in hand with how we view ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our lives.  WE OWN the ability to see our life in a full incredible light, with positive eyes and appreciation.  Make each day fresh, juicy, joyous and vibrant.  Be active, be healthy, eat fresh, get moving, have fun!!!  
  • Each day is NEW!   It holds a new opportunity to start fresh, make a change, talk kinder to yourself and those you love, and seize every opportunity that presents itself to live juicy.
  • When you want to do something this weekend but put it off because you're worried about cleaning the kitchen counter first...the counter can wait but playing with your spouse, kids, dogs or going for the run can't.  Go do it! 
  • When mapping out your weekend, add in some time for YOU to sit and breath in all the goodness around you  Seriously! When I take spinning, even though I am moving physically, I take 5 big breaths at the end and on some climbs keeping my eyes closed to breath in all that my own body can do and honor it. 
  • If you catch yourself saying "one more minute" to a child or spouse for the 20th time, ask yourself why is the current task so important. The minute will turn to 10, and it could be what couldn't wait from your loved one was actually a hug, laugh, giggle from a dumb joke that had bellies hurting so hard from laughing.  Don't miss out on those moments.
  • With your fuel for the weekend, visualize yourself getting all the food from your own farm and to be as fresh as possible.  Visit the Farmers' Markets, head to Dan's Produce or Alameda Market Place, use your own garden. Try to incorporate 2 new vegetable dishes this weekend. Click for some healthy recipes to make!
  • Make one day of your weekend car less as long as possible.  Use your bodies to move and take in all the new scents of Spring as you explore a new neighborhood in Alameda.  Run/walk/bike/hop/running man your way around and have fun! Burn calories!  Make new memories with family and friends!
Challenge the Power of YOU! ---Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey
Tips from an article by Coach Erin from March 2011

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