Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perfect 10

What is the Perfect 10?  Do we really compare ourselves to Bo Derek running down the beach with her braids and swimsuit?  Are we, as women, comparing ourselves to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models?  I hope not!  I see every women as a Perfect 10 in their own right, it is accepting your own strengths and differences that make you magical.  It is holding your head high when trying something new and being comfortable in your imperfections, embracing your body you were born with, and using it with pizazz!  It takes a sense of confidence to see your own Perfect 10, a sense of ownership in adoring the one life you have and the body you have been given.  A Perfect 10 is not letting the little things you think are imperfections define you, but you define them and own them! 

When doing gymnastics two weeks ago, I felt we were all perfect tens.  It was ladies fun night out for Power Fitness PDX and we decided to have fun at gymnastics. Words can't describe how much fun it was!  We walked in and could have been Moms to the other participants of Open Gym. But we didn't care! We sought out Ian, the teacher for the night, and asked him for some pointers and advice for fun "moves".  Mind you, the moves we were talking about we hoped wouldn't have our strong, but not gymnastics trained, bodies injured at night's end.  We all were eager to hop on the balance beam, climb the rope net, jump on the trampoline, try the rings, do back walkovers and LAUGH!!! 

Through the training in Power Fitness PDX has evolved a greater sense of confidence in trying new things...amongst everyone.  We laughed, we performed and we embraced our bodies for what they can do!  For some it was trying a jump on the balance beam, a feat that wouldn't have been conquered before.  But now, knowing that each body is unique and can do incredible things, the feats were tried and tried again.  We tried trampoline routines, sweat as we did back bends,  and flexed our quads when pointing on the beam.  We were and are all PERFECT 10's!  It is our own inner score card that we must believe in.  Not a judge holding up numbers, but our own inner score card of "10".

Own yourself and who you are. Own your strengths and walk proud.  Be it big chested or flat chested, apple or pear shaped, short or tall...own YOU!  You are a Perfect 10 and have one body that can do incredible things.  Challenge it daily, appreciate it hourly, love it every moment.   Now, gymnastics hands back and stand in Perfect 10 pose!!

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