Thursday, March 24, 2011

Words from Catrina Fabion- Power of YOU New Year NEW You Fitness Challenge 2011 Scholarship

Catrina, aka Cat, is the Women's Only Boot Camp Challenge winner.  She was nominated by her best friend, Estie, who has been attending Power Fitness PDX since September.  Estie wrote a heartfelt letter nominating Cat for the Challenge, knowing that she would partake in it with her whole heart, yet wouldn't give herself permission that it was ok to take care of herself when taking care of her family.  She has been avidly attending Power Fitness PDX, changing her unhealthy habits to healthy lifestyle habits, and finding ways to incorporate exercise throughout her day.  

Cat has been a joy in class, and is truly making the life changes that the Challenge is about.  Cat faced many hardships and struggles herself, but didn't let any of them deter her from moving forward and making each day the best.  She is the proud wife to Jared and Mom to Rowan.  Please take a minute to read her words, and pat her on the back next time you see her around Alameda.   

Cheers --- Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey

 Cat's Words

I am the girl who did not attend P.E.—yes, you read that right—during the majority of my school days I couldn’t even participate in P.E. because of my asthma. I also never played any sports and I am about as coordinated as a newborn baby. You may be asking yourself, how does someone like me end up in a physical fitness challenge?!?  The answer to that question is quite simple, I have fabulous friends.

Two of my best friends, Estie, and her identical twin sister Alexandra, have known for quite some time that I have not been happy with my physical appearance.  Over the course of our friendship I have continued to gain weight and my life has become increasingly sedentary.  With the birth of my son in 2009 I swore I was going to change my habits so that both my family and I would be healthier.  Unfortunately, as things go in life, many obstacles were thrown in my way.  As the obstacles grew, physical fitness once again was pushed to the back burner.  My friends, however, understood the importance of physical fitness and the problems I was facing.  So, they took it upon themselves to submit my name for a scholarship to participate in Erin Kreitz Shirey’s Power of YOU New Year NEW YOU Fitness Challenge.  And I won! It would not be too much to say that this was truly a life-altering event.

Anne (L) & Cat R) learning AT HOME exercises
Erin has helped to make it a life-bettering event for me.  Erin truly believes that everyone is capable of creating and maintaining lifelong healthy habits. As a not so healthy gal, I can tell you that it was tough for me to swallow Erin’s philosophy at first.  Since beginning the challenge in February, my experience has proven that Erin is 100% correct. If nothing else, my ability to compete in the Challenge has demonstrated that truly anyone can compete. I went from huffing and puffing with an inhaler when I walked up a steep hill to running miles at a time! Admittedly, I don’t run very fast, I still have to puff on the inhaler and sometimes my shins hurt like heck, but I can do it!!! And, what is more important is that I will continue to do it. I make a daily choice to be a healthier happier me.   

With the help of Erin, my fellow TEAM of bootcampers and the support of my friends and family, I look forward to continuing my challenge far into the future.

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