Monday, May 16, 2011

Challenge Winner- Annie Chan!!!

Last Week we toasted the Power Fitness PDX Power of YOU New Year NEW You Fitness Challenge. Many women entered, did incredible and found phenomenal results. It wasn't all about the weight loss and numbers, but about the journey along the way.  When you work on the inner challenges, it helps face the "physical" challenges as well. 

Congrats to Annie Chan, the incredible and dynamic winner!  Anne won for many reasons which were decided by dedication in class/workshops/towards teammates/towards participation in the challenge, weight loss and inches lost goal achievement, personal goal achievement, and mental/spiritual goals achieved. Annie kicked booty and did it all! She is a new person now, and it shines in her face and her gait.  Watch out world, Annie Chan is glowing and growing in so many phenomenal ways!

Thus, I asked Annie a few questions and the following is how she answered: 
What was it that made you :
1. take time for yourself
2. feel that this time you could really reach your goals
3. get outside your comfort zone
4. learned from doing the Challenge
5. noticed about how you felt when you did the Challenge

Lucy Shopping Trip Outfit #1
I was in a rut.  My husband, the exercise fanatic, had lost 20 pounds.  I ran two half marathons and lost nothing.  The more he lost, the more agitated I became.  "How is that possible," I ranted to myself.  The answer came in my Inbox, "[APN] Free Power Fitness PDX Class."  I went to one class and I was hooked.  I signed up for the Power of YOU NEW YEAR-NEW YOU Fitness Challenge and learned the error of my ways.
Error #1 - Heart rate.  I always thought I was a 10 min/mile runner (until my husband gave me a Garmin Forerunner which showed I was more of an 11 min/mi runner).  I admit I ran at a leisurely pace.  That was error #1.  The Challenge taught me to work with my maximum heart rate.  I have to challenge myself in a tougher heart rate zone to get results.
Error #2 - Nutrition.  Before, I would run for 3 miles and come home to a breakfast of egg and cheese on english muffin and coffee with condensed milk.  I craved comfort foods especially on those cold winter days.  That was error #2.  The Challenge taught me to think about food as fuel.  If you put junk in your body, you are bound to feel sluggish.  I learned to make healthier choices.  I drink more water, eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Thanks to Shay's Cafe, I discovered my love for quinoa salads!

PFPDX Challenge Winner - LUCY Workout Outfit!
Error #3 - No excuses.  I used to let days go by before getting a workout in.  I would blame the weather, work, family schedules and even my husband.  That was error #3.  The Challenge taught me to make myself a priority.  Once I began to make time for myself, my family started to join in.  My daughters would join in exercise routines including jumping jacks, burpees, planks, pushups, etc.  During springbreak on the Disney Cruise, my 6 year old would insist we take the stairs (9 flights!) to burn more calories.  A fit lifestyle is contagious and impacts all around you.
The Challenge has been a transformational experience.  The team was so supportive and full of energy and laughter.  It was amazing to hear the stories of why each woman was participating and the impact it was having on their lives.  We all learned to break the cycle of bad habits, take on a lifestyle of clean eating, appreciate the ones we love, and make time for ourselves.
At the end of the Challenge, I increased my running pace to a 9:22 min/mile, lost 10 pounds, lost 2-3 inches across waist, hips, thighs, increased my strength and rocked a 10 minute wall sit.  I feel stronger, healthier and happier than I have in years.
Thanks to Erin and Power Fitness PDX for an incredible journey and I'll see you all at 5:45am at Crown Beach!

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