Friday, March 18, 2011


Saturday, March 12th, was a special day for the Power of YOU New Year New YOU Fitness Challenge. The ladies took time out on their Saturday afternoon to learn how to exercise at home, workout in the park on the play-gym, and have fun playing plank tag.  It may seam like no big deal, but on a busy Saturday afternoon with events occupying the time, many of the women gave up time at family events or events out to take time for themselves and their training.  Two months ago, that may not have been the case.  They are MAKING THEMSELVES A PRIORITY!  That is key and instrumental in weight loss, making strides in health and fitness, and living an active lifestyle.  Guess what- everyone was laughing the entire time (well maybe a little cursing and sweating too!).

The At Home workout portion put together a few 10 minute circuits that everyone can do at home.  The circuits were split to working the back, the front, cardio and core working the floor.  Cat was kind enough to host class at her house, and she allowed me to create a gym within her home.  Guaranteed the women don't look at their homes the same way. Following are the Circuits:
Push Ups
Bicep Curls - Hammer Curls

Window Ledge Lat Squats
Tricep Kick Backs
Narrow Grip Push Ups
Donkey Kicks on the Chair
Reverse Fly
Doorway Calf Raises
Cat Cow
Plank- Downward Dog

Core on the Floor:
Side Plank-both sides
Up down- plank ups
Spider Mans
Side Plank Elbow Kisses - both sides

Cardio Blasts:
High Knees
False Starts
Speed Skaters

Core on the Floor:
*grab two towels and put under both hands*
Plank Forward Slides
Plank External Rotation
Opposite Arm Wax On-Wax Off
Push Up Side Slides
Standing Side Leg Slides (get both legs)

We went from Cat's house to Lincoln Park and had a blast! First the entire group went through the Class for YOU to DO and worked a sweat. We followed it with Plank Tag and Jordana proved to be a mean "tagger" while Karen was an intense planker.  Mary emailed following class that "I really like plank tag. No really I LIKED IT!". But the fun began at the play park!


Swing Planks- hold feet at a slight angle behind you.  Elbows are off the swing , while your forearms are on the swing and hands in front.  Stay in this position until you can't hold it and shake anymore! Aim for 30-45 seconds! 

RLP (Railing Lats Pulldown) & Squats - Hold onto a bar/playground climbing post/railing. Keep hands(and feet) greater than shoulder width apart on a bar about chest height.  Grasp bar and pull back, allowing yourself to squat, hold retracting scapula down towards spine, stay in squat position for 5 counts, return to starting. After 20 reps, do 10 reps standing on each leg individually.

Monkey Bar Swings- Just like it sounds. Swing across the monkey bars rung to rung like you did at age 5.  Go back and forth 5x. Do 30 Jumping Jacks and repeat swinging.  Make sure to reach your arm to fully open and grasp the next Monkey bar/ring. While swinging, bring your belly button towards your spine and engage your core.

Knee Hangs- Hold onto two Monkey bars/rings.  Maintain a straight line without trying not to swing with momentum. Slowly bring both knees to form a 110 degree angle, curling your pelvis under. Feel as if you are squeezing a golf ball in your belly button. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 15-20X.  

Over Under Hangs- Just like Fitness Testing in PE Class, you have to hold your head above the bar like the top of a pull up position, with both hands hanging and your head held up by your body weight and strength. Hang for as long as your body allows. Once you drop, take a breath and pop up to repeat holding hands in the opposite direction. Either facing you at first with underhand grip, or away from you with overhand grip second time.

At the end of the afternoon, the Power Fitness PDX Challenge ladies(minus a few) were standing proud and strong!  

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