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9.1.2011- My one month- LIFE IS GOOD- LIVE ALOHA- Challenge Begins

Life is good, yep it truly is!  We have all been given one life to live fully, and from which to breath every ounce of adventure, memories, and challenge.  But often we become complacent with our lives and don't live them as fully and richly as possible.  

I know for myself I always want to feel GOOD- inside and outside.  That means taking time to focus on feeling good; thus everything around you seems richer, better, and more vibrant. You FEEL incredible and have the Aloha feeling all the time...the easy going, at peace, relaxed bliss.  At least I do and the way for me to get there personally is through exercise, training, fresh foods, family time, date nights, doing things for others, and just "being".

Hood to Coast 2011- Jazz Hands
For some it may sound silly coming from me that I want more of a challenge living richly since I talk about taking advantage of each moment far to much for some.  I try to live what I preach- I exercise daily, teach fitness, play with my kids and family, eat well, bike everywhere, and attempt to get enough sleep.  But while doing so, I have become a bit complacent with my own fitness levels and goals, even while training for Hood to Coast(8.26-27.11) and Pacific Grove Tri(9.10.11).  After our Hawaii trip in August, I shifted a few of my workouts and was a bit bummed I wasn't training in warm waters. Boo hoo- I know- woa is me (sarcasm). But I was incredibly inspired hourly in Kauai to swim farther, run faster and do even more burpees before sunrise.  Anytime I hopped in the water to play, I swam laps in the water.  I felt comfortable to run around in my 2 piece from dawn until dusk, and was taking time to breath in every aroma that surrounded me.  It sounds weird, but I literally did. Stopped on my runs to smell the flowers, snuggled by my girls taking in their saltwater heads, enjoyed the rum scent of Dad's Mai Tai's, and the smell of rain after it pounded the cement mid runs.  That feeling is what inspired me to this challenge. 

Aloha Challenge- to train, eat, feel, and live the inspired LIFE IS GOOD way!  
 September 2nd- October 2nd, 2011  
It is my personal Challenge that may motivate you to do a similar version on your own.  Join in if you want and do part or do all of it.  Focus on one goal for yourself in regards to Fitness, Nutrition, Life or focus on all goals.  I will keep you posted weekly on goals, and post about how life is good in little ways. My only request- let me know how you are doing with your goals via the blog, facebook page, or emails

Life is all about taking time to Challenge the Power of YOU....

Life is GOOD Challenge

No processed foods, produce only organic and preferably from Farmers' Markets
Grilled fish 2-3x/week
5 Veggies/day
Avoid: Gluten, Sugar(forms that are not cane juice/root), alcohol, most milk products (Greek yogurt and goat cheese are ok)
Write everything down & HOW I feel when eating it
Take at least 15 minutes to sit and eat at each meal, not just dinner

Trail Running in Kauai 2011
Max Push Ups & Pull Ups
Do 111 push ups every other day. Max out on push ups 9/30- see how many can do
Pull ups- 3x/week do at least 30 reps (do 20 now)
Minimum of 60 minutes cardio/daily

Train at 120% daily 
Meet 2 workouts/day - 4x/week
Swim at least 2000 yards 3x/week, and 4th swim workout with brick work
Meet Meredith for Brickwork 1x/week. 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28
Track workouts with Pac West Athletics Tuesday Nights- 6:30 pm & Saturday Long Date-Runs 2x/month at 8:30 w/Jack

Makenzie's photo of Jack & I living Aloha
Write notes in Makenzie's school lunch daily
Pictures- copy the wonderful photos on my computer and hang them in our home, in addition to sending them to friends of the memories together
Family Adventure Days- 1x/weekend - Jack's Saturday work days adventure in afternoon in park
Sleep an extra hour in the early mornings now- new Personal Training Hours- cuddle with kidlets
Emerson bike ride to Farmer's Market on Tuesdays
Chalk drawing out front with girls daily - messages for friends and family who walk by
Meet Otis Moms at 6:45 am on Saturday mornings for girl time 2x/month
Throw paper/mail out after touched once
Bike to 9:25 am Ferry with E and visit Jack at work on Tuesdays or Thursdays
Read to girls outside in backyard after dinner
Write letters to friends and family - 1 letter/day
Date Night with Jack- 2x/month
Bring girls to visit Grandma Betty weekly with cards, and mail cards to Grammer, Grandpa Jack and Great Aunt Blanche with photos weekly

Feel peaceful every morning as day begins and content when going to bed
Be present at every moment with Makenzie, Emerson and Jack
Family- Tyler, Robbie, Me, Mom, Dad
Truly appreciate my own families relationships and how dynamic they are- not take for granted their incredible selves- Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother
Stand TALL (heck 5'1" means I need all my height!)
Break my current PR for the half marathon of 1:32 on October 2nd- RnR San Jose
Write 2 fitness health/articles that get published in monthlies
Taste food and the rich flavors at each meal
Challenge my body and see how lean it can get in 30 days....while not depriving it of the nourishment and incredible foods it loves and thrives on
Feel STRONG and the aloha feeling as the season changes to Fall...

I know that I have big lists under each section, but it is good to focus.  For each week the emphasis will be different:
September 2-8:Acceptance
September 9-15: Adventure
September 16-22:Courage
September 23-2: Compassion

3 Fun Days to enjoy what my body pleases in food/wine:
Sunday, September 4th- Moms' birthday celebration
Saturday, September 10th- Post Pacific Grove Triathlon & at Octoberfest
Saturday, September  24th- Kari's Celebration

 Cheers!!!  I look forward to a fun month of challenges, loves, adventures and tasting each moment!!

---Erin Kreitz Shirey
Power Fitness PDX Owner, Lead Trainer and Coach
BS Kinesiology, ACE, NASM, Fit to Deliver and Stott Pilates
e-  w-  b-Blog  f- Facebook  t- Twitter

*A bit ago I wrote about the Happiness Project I'm doing my own Happiness Journey December 2011-December 2012. My birthday is in December and a year's journey is perfect to coincide with a birthday.

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