Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where you been??

Hello body, curious where you have been? Oh wait, I know, you have been evolving and changing each day and year like I ask you to!  

Many of you have shared comments about wanting to be "back in my skinny jeans", "want to be as strong as I used to be before kids/before work/before I was 40". But why focus on where you used to be, why not focus on moving forward and getting to be your strongest and most dynamic self now?  Why look back, when looking forward is the only way to go?? You don't know what you've yet to become??  

Last year I started working with a Power Fitness PDX'er who ran 3 miles a couple times each week, but never raced. She was active, but never really pushed herself.  Then she started coming to classes. She said she'd sign up for Summer and then go back to her routine at the gym after.  It has now been one year in July 2011 and she still comes to Power Fitness PDX 3x/week. But she comes because she has learned that getting older doesn't mean getting weaker, but getting stronger. It means pushing her body to see what it can do next.  Thus, her running...  She registered for a half marathon to do after her 40th birthday.  She'd never run one before and guess what...she did incredible and now runs regularly 5-7 miles on her own ALL THE TIME!  She does push ups and is focused in class to engage her muscles with each movement, attempting to get lower with each rep.  Her biceps are stronger, legs faster and energy increased.   

Why look back, when looking forward with unending potential and dedication 
can make your body the best yet? 
I want you to mull over this idea.  While you may have been dancing on a bar at age 24, in a dress that was shorter than a 60's miniskirt, your legs hadn't worked as hard as they do now.  They most likely didn't have had the definition that 100's of squats give them.  Your core may have been smaller, but might not have been leaner or full of the dynamic scars of birthing little miracles. But your core now is stronger from countless planks and froggers; it has definition that makes younger gals swoon.  Be confident and keep looking forward!  

Our bodies are incredible and can do so many dynamic things.  When utilizing and challenging them, they respond. When nurturing them with good food consisting of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and clean carbs, they show the hard work.  Be proud of where you ARE and what lies ahead.  Run around in your swimsuit at the pool and not a big cover-up.  While you may have a few laugh lines to go with the triceps of steel, who cares because the laugh lines are from belly laughs and great memories and your triceps of steel from hard work and focus. Next month could be when your strong self completes a triathlon...something your 20 year old self would be to nervous to do. You are just discovering your potential....keep discovering, evolving, and expanding on what you can do and how strong you can get.  
I ask again...where you been?  The answer...I've been working hard to sweat and grow to love who I am and what I can be each day! 

Take some time to Challenge the Power of YOU! 

Coach Erin, Age 35, now getting more running PR's than when racing in college 

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