Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quarry Turkey- 11.26.11

The Turkey! We caught him before the race!
We found a new tradition in Power Fitness PDX...A turkey trot for only the adults to do.  While it is family friendly, we decided to go sans partners or kids and have a fun run with each other.  The idea was presented a few months ago, and the race was picked to motivate the masses.  Those who were motivated....Annie Chan, Sonia Urzua and me- Erin Kreitz Shirey.  Everyone was motivated for the fun challenge for various reasons. Annie wanted to have a fun race to push towards after completing the San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October. Sonia did her first 5K with Power Fitness PDX in June and was ready to go for the 10K- 6.2 mile race.  I was motivated to have a fun race before my scheduled knee surgery on December 19th.  One thing we were all motivated to do was have fun and cheer on each other!

To say I am proud of Annie and Sonia is an understatement. They both cheered on one another before, during and after the race.  Sonia was a bit nervous about her body doing 6.2 miles, and Annie encouraged her with positive words.  Annie laughed about her pace and running a 10K since she hadn't for a while.  I was similar to Annie; I hadn't raced a 10K for 4 years and was curious what my presurgery body would do.  

Smiling as always, Annie looking strong at the end!
To say it was a gorgeous morning is an understatement. The day was perfect, Fall crispness, and clear skies.  The route fantastic along a resevoir and on a nice path that was just for runners.  The horn blew, we were off!  When running and coming upon the turn around, I was excited to find and high five Annie and Sonia. Both were running strong and SMILING!!  That says a lot about their cardiovascular abilities...cheers to their hard work running and in Power Fitness PDX.  I came to the finish line and felt good; knees were good and while I could have pushed it even harder I truly felt perfect.  I cheered for Annie and could see her smile as she turned up the shute to finish.  She ran by happily jaunting!  She ran to where I was standing and we saw Sonia bopping along. She looked fantastic and was also...smiling!!!

Sonia running towards the end! Her goal- 10K - completed!
When we got together we all marveled at what a beautiful spot the course was and how Fremont had some hidden gems. Brazen Racing did a great job, and all of us enjoyed the race.  We felt energized and ready to take on the rest of the weekend.  Upon seeing results, Annie found out she placed 6th in her age group and dropped her PR!  Sonia found out she ran faster than her goal by 3 minutes.  I found out that with placing the third female the women who beat me were....girls ages 17 and 23! How did 35 suddenly feel old, but at least it proved athletic performance enhances with age.  What could happen with knew bionic knees, right? As I say to my clients, Power Fitness PDX'ers and can get faster as you get older since you are more equipped to juggle time, work, stress, and kiddos all at the same time.  Our bodies are like fine wines...the get stronger and better as we mature.  I toast all of you!

Thus, HUGE CHEERS to the always maturing ladies of Power Fitness PDX.  Annie and Sonia, you inspired others and did incredible! I look forward to running the race again next year, and watching the group grow and mature each year!
Look at these rockstars- Annie and Sonia you are INCREDIBLE!! Go Mamas Go!

* Thank you Brazen Racing-  we had a blast!!

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