Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Power Fitness PDX Power of YOU NEW YEAR-NEW YOU Fitness Challenge- Week 1!

Week 1 is past, we are now in WEEK 2! How do you feel? Are you energized, invigorated, motivated, nervous, excited? One of those feelings or all of them?  I know I personally am feeling all of them, and so excited to share them with you.  You have done incredible with the Challenge already, and I look forward to seeing what the next 11 weeks bring. When touching base with some of you this is what you shared:
Annie- I feel as if I am not as tired or sore anymore, and I have energy ALL day long!
Andrea- I took my kids to the Zoo and turned it into a workout they enjoyed. I did step ups on the benches, push ups, ran up and down the hills a lot, and had a great time playing with them as I was working out.
Catrina-I am feeling better about moving and making the time for myself.  That is key for what I do every day with taking care of my son.
Tammy- This is just the kick I need and can feel my muscles moving already. I may not like the feeling when they move, but know it will be good after. The combination combined with checking in with myself is making me think about how much water I am drinking, what I am eating and how I stand or sit when working throughout the day. 

Dory, Veronica and Estie are now running to the Tue & Thu Cardio & Core class- way to go!  Kate is now carrying her water with her and USING her water bottle all the time. She even did hula hoop exercises upstairs on the busy Saturday at Tucker's.  Karen worked hard at her swimming and getting her butterfly kick going.  To hear about all of these accomplishments is incredible! Only more will come each day, I guarantee it!

I look forward to seeing you in class, and make sure to get your 45 minutes of cardio exercise in today.

Cheers-Coach Erin

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