Thursday, February 17, 2011


Camaraderie- it is a word that we know to mean coming together, support, teamwork, unifying each other to pull through. According to Merriam-Webster camaraderie means:

A feeling of good friendship among the people in a group. There is great camaraderie among the teammates. [singular]. They have developed a real camaraderie after working together for so long.[plural]

When teaching class, I am not only looking for perfect form amongst you. I am watching your ability to physically do things, your level of support for one another, your dedication to motivate your team while I am working to modify a teammates needs.  I have noticed already, in the last 9 days since the Challenge began, the friendships and camaraderie forming.  It is obvious to anyone who runs by how you truly are pushing each other as you are pushing yourselves! This is true, as I have had quite a few runners I know who have stopped me in the community to say, "Those women look like they are having so much fun. Is it always like that?". Of course I laugh thinking you should listen closer to the joking and cursing that happens sometimes...but not at each other towards me while they are being pushed!  And yes, I am OK with that because it means you are getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourselves.

Do you realize that there is a huge strength in teamwork and exercising with a partner?  Did you know that the influx of small group training has the big women's brands participating too?  Lucy, Lululemon, Title 9, and Athleta to name a few, have online communities to help solidify the support and team element.  They are all active clothing companies whose goal is to sell workout and training clothes, but know that targeting the group element  and highlighting "exercising and training with friends" is what women need. It isn't just one-on-one training all the time, but it is also  training alongside peers who are all like minded active individuals.  Each store does special group demos, encouraging you to register with friends and meet new "active friends" too.  Great marketing, but as we know the reason behind it is very true.  Finding the support and camaraderie amongst women who motivate you, in addition to your Coach, is a healthy and incredible group to be part of.

You have already found some people you connect with in the PFPDX Challenge, and each class you will connect even further with someone else.  That is part of what I strive to help you with- building the foundation of community and camaraderie amongst the TEAM, because we are all in this together.  We are all pulling through with various backgrounds and obstacles, but with the same focus.  That focus of making ourselves count and taking ownership of our own health and fitness.  I am proud of you and your efforts thus far.  Now, be proud of yourself and of each other.  You are doing incredible!  

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